Be the ideal partner for customers who look for quality hydraulic hose assemblies from a supplier they can trust.


Be the leading provider of first fit hydraulic hose assemblies offering affordability, high reliability, effective long-lasting performance, and responsive support.

Anchor Coupling




Safety is the "number one priority" at Anchor. Our goal is that everyone goes home safely every day. Every day we ask our employees to look at ways to make their workplace safer, and they do an outstanding job of helping to provide a safer working environment. We believe this effort drives our employees to become better problem solvers, and they have embraced the challenge.



At Anchor, "we care about your success" is not just a phrase; it's the way we do business and only comes about through a close working relationship with our customers.

Problem Solving & Commitment


Whether for safety or the manufacturing process, continuous improvement cards are submitted and acted upon each day. This process allows us to constantly improve the way we do business, and it also keeps our employees engaged in that improvement. The relationship with the customer is driven by a "how can I help you" approach.



We believe we provide the highest quality products in the market thanks to an experienced Customer Service Team, effective Engineering Services, and comprehensive testing of our products. Additionally, we offer many logistical options to provide product to our customers. We make it easy to do business with us.


Customers choose us as a supplier, and even better as a partner, because “we care about their success”.

We stay engaged with our customers through one point of contact from the planning of their equipment designs through the delivery of our quality products.
We offer Engineering and design expertise to help customers optimize their product lines.
“It’s simple, we care about our customers and the success they have in the marketplace.”