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Safety is the “number one priority” at Anchor. Our goal is that everyone go home safely every day. Every day we ask our employees to look at ways to make their workplace safer, and they do an outstanding job of helping to provide a safer working environment. 

We take care of the Safety of all our



 final customers  

Safety does not need to be an add-on, but instead can be a powerful competitive advantage. This responsibility is shared at all levels, from entry level to the executive level



At Anchor, “we care about your success” is not just a phrase; it’s the way we do business and only comes about through a close working relationship with our customers.


Problem Solving & Commitment

We believe this effort helps our employees to become better problem-solvers. Continuous improvement cards are submitted and acted upon each day. This process allows us to constantly improve the way we do business, and it also keeps our employees engaged in that improvement. The relationship with the customer is driven by a “how can I help you?” approach.



We provide the highest quality products in the market thanks to effective engineering services, comprehensive testing and many forms of electronic data interchange which keep us on the cutting edge.  




Be the ideal partner for every customer in the creation and in the management of quality hydraulics hose assemblies.




Be the leading provider of quality ready-to-run products, components offering initial affordability, high reliability, effective long-lasting performances and responsive support.




Customers choose us as a supplier and, even better, as a partner because their trust is our business

- leading our customers from the planning of their equipment until the final checkup of every machinery

- giving the best solutions to any kind of issue related to hydraulic hose assemblies

- customizing “hose assembly shop” set up and cost optimization